Feel the bottom and bounce your jig ever 3-5 seconds. The classic round head jig is the go to choice for this presentation as it usually has a 90 degree tie in point that allows it to hang horizontally in the water. Size your jig right so it bounces along the bottom...but don't go "too big" or you'll get far fewer bites. How to Jig for Walleye. Bottom Hopping – When walleye are hugging the bottom one of the best techniques to jig for walleye is something called bottom hopping. This makes for much better feedback from the rod and allows you to put a lot more precise jigging action into your jigs. Jigging for walleye involves lowering a jig head with either a soft plastic body or tipped with bait down to the depth where walleye are holding and then adding some life into the jig by twitching the rod tip. Walleye Jigging puts you on concentrated walleye in a big way. 1. Our guides are open minded and stay in tune with what other walleye experts are using in different parts of the country. In the video below, TJ talks about how he fishes for deep water walleye. When fish move to shallower sections, jigging can be a good way to quietly pick apart the water. Walleye feed most actively during the few hours of dusk and dawn. Jigging is straight up effective, even in deep water you can jig and hook up on walleye. Serious walleye anglers know that jig fishing isn’t defined as using just plastics. See more ideas about walleye, walleye jigs, fishing tips. When the walleye are fussy, slowly drop your rod tip and let the jig fall back to the bottom and rest for a second or two. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you … It’s a beautiful day. 314. REEL GIVE-AWAY1. ADDICTED, formerly known as Fishing Addicts NW, was established in 2009. The tactic pulls fish congregated on rock piles, near structure, or suspended in open water. Jig fishing has its nuances and is super versatile. The above is how to drag on a lake where you are targeting walleye in a very specific area. It is often wise to vary your jigging technique up until you find what they are snapping on. The Saginaw River is open from November to March 15th every year. There is a huge selection of walleye jigs available and each jig head will have a specific use. You will know it has touches as your line will start to bow. Then using a slow lift of the rod tip pull the jig vertically and then allow it to fall back down. Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube for more tips and tricks! When fishing for walleye in deep water, the vertical jig is at its most effective. To catch these picky fish, I like to tip my jig with live bait, usually a minnow when the water is cold (less than 10ºC), a leech when it’s tepid (11 to 20ºC) and half a crawler when it’s hot (warmer than 20ºC). When you locate walleye, one of the absolute best methods to target them is by jigging for them. This shorter lift keeps the jig no more than a foot or so off of the bottom allowing the walleye to really home in on it. Jig Heads: Jigs are a longtime favorite of many walleye fishermen – and for good reason – they produce results. First of all, starting out, they’ve got a really good quality graphite spinning rod. How to Jig For Walleye Snap Jigging. Sounds extremely simple but it's easy to get wrong! Walleye Jigging puts you on concentrated walleye in a big way. This provides you with a huge success rate to catch a ton of Walleye. While having a smaller jig head, it will not be effective in the typical walleye depth of 15-30 Ft. Vertical jigging allows you to fish for walleye that are concentrated on the bottom of deep lakes or rivers in a way that regular casting could not do. https://bit.ly/3pqNrie – Flirting in your city, https://bit.ly/2I3ZL7m – Sex without obligation, https://hot-desire.com/T1kMpvjB?dir=main – Dating and sex without obligation in your city, https://hot-desire.com/T1kMpvjB It can spark a reaction from lethargic fish that may be resting in deeper water sections. This gives the jig a more natural horizontal element to it's movement instead of just straight up straight down. Tip the jip with a live minnow, and you’ve got yourself a presentation that no walleye can pass up. If you’re using a boat to jig, keep the bait in front of you so you can gauge where the bottom is as your boat slowly drifts. We’re going to talk a little bit about getting set up to do a little jigging for Walleyes, and we’re over here at Noxon Reservoir today. Life is added to the jig by twitching your rod tip vertically. This is a dependable and long-lasting plastic lure that is explicitly designed to handle large-sized jig heads without sustaining damage. Drifting. But the term jigging is so much more than just vertical jigging as this is … If you do not control your boat, you will hurt your odds in a big way. Hey folks. ​The second is to lift your rod too slowly so that you basically end up dragging the jig along the bottom. In the last several years, though, the market has been inundated by new shapes and styles of jigheads, making it a challenge to understand when and where to use each. Vertical jigging for walleye is probably the most simplest form of fishing that you can do. During the winter and early spring months most walleye fishing usually involves a jig or bait. Join me in this video for my top 5 must have walleye jigs. You do not want any stretch in your system as you will loose feedback and sensitivity and you will also slow down your hook-set. A fast action rod will start to form it's natural bend in the top one third of the rod towards the tip. Jig fishing for Walleye on the Saginaw River with us will present you with the best opportunity to catch more Walleye than you ever have! But; Nothing in life is simple. On a river you can drag by ​drifting it slowly downstream which is essentially back ​trolling with a jig in fast moving currents or to troll up stream at a very slow speed in very light currents. However, once the spawning season ends and the temperatures begin to rise your focus should turn to trolling. If you control your boat, you will control the scope and presentation of your line, allowing you to better control your jig action. Walleye jigging can be done year round even in the summer heat when walleyes retreat to deeper waters. The jig is normally at least 30 feet out behind the boat and you need to maintain a speed and jig head weight that allows the jigs to slowly move across the bottom or no more than a foot off of the bottom. – Sex without obligation in your city, https://hot-desire.com/T1kMpvjB?dir=gay – Sex without obligation, https://bit.ly/2I3ZL7m Subscribe to Tom Boley - https://bit.ly/2R1NIKg3. For jigging live bait, it is critically important to use Fireball style jigs. October and Jig Fishing for Walleyes If you follow Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, have probably heard the fall bite is on! Walleye jigging can be done year round even in the summer heat when walleyes retreat to deeper waters. This high a lift will result in the jig rising as much as 6 feet upwards and then dropping down from this height again. A 6 ' or 6'6" spinning rod with a medium/light power rating and a fast action is the correct choice as a walleye jigging rod. After it falls you will have to reel in a small bit of line as the jig will start to move towards you with every lift of the rod. During cold water periods, jigging can be one of the best methods hands down. And learning how to read it is crucial to both find the fish and understanding the types of structures and bottom below you. This article may contain affiliate links. The Sea Striker is a popular soft bait for a range of game fish besides walleye mostly because it can last for a long time and can take a lot of punishment. You tip your jig by the lips of your Minnow or the head of your Leech so they … Take advantage of the best 12 hours of walleye fishing by toughing it out and setting up before sunset and fishing through morning. You can do this allow gravel lines and specific contours that run in the direction of the flow of the river. We prefer P-Line Tactical Flouro-carbon in 12 lb for a leader (bumper.). The combined weight of the jig and bait forces you to lift, pause and swim them aggressively, which often turns the walleye into a feeding frenzy. With nothing … I know Iowa is not really known for it’s walleye, most people travel to Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and even the Great lakes. There are a number of nuances when it comes to … Dragging has one major drawback in that you will get snagged up a lot more often as the hook is being constantly pulled across the bottom. and 1/4 oz., as you will rarely anything larger. ​It's usually all too tempting to just drop your jig directly down onto them. A good walleye jig setup will need a light spinning rod and reel and a low stretch line such as braid or fluorocarbon for the main line. I will say this though, I always use a 1/16th to 1/8th once jig head, depending on the current. Don't wait on warmer weather to target walleye, you can still put up good numbers in the cold of winter! The first step is to locate the fish at the right depth. Swimming jigs are typically used in areas with a fair amount of cover where the walleye are waiting to ambush their prey. 1. Dragging a jig means not allowing too much vertical height to be gained, rather more horizontal distance with each jig. These two factors help with presenting the live bait underwater. Jigging for walleyes successfully would require a proper presentation after you select a perfect place to carry on the process efficiently. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Keeping some tension in your line allows you to sense a bite, you will more often than not get that bite as the jig is falling so it is important to have feedback coming through the rod tip from the line at all times. A fast action will also allow you to set the hook much quicker than a moderate action. TJ sometimes will fish 60-80 feet of water in the Columbia River for winter walleye. Jig and a minnow, jig and plastic. Unfortunately, when many people buy these lures, they simply don’t know how to use them. When walleye hold in the deep flats – and your jig and minnow don’t seem to do the trick – one of the best things you can do is throw on the Jigging Rap. Three quarter ounce has been the best weight for me over the past few seasons, but on a windy day a heavier jig may be necessary in order to keep your jig on or near the bottom. If they are holding at a mid-height depth then you just jig back into the pod allowing your jig to fall in a very controlled manner. ​A fish finder is one of the most important piece of walleye tackle that you can have on any boat. Instead jerk it upwards quickly while then slowly and in a controlled manner lowering the jig back down. This mold condenses the exposure of the jig + hook, giving your Live Bait a covert presentation. Arguably one of the most popular techniques jigging for walleye is also one of the most versatile. hook the shinger in the minnows tail. We just got to find a few fish. Columbia river walleye jig fishing is cool! The hair jigs that have worked the best for me are the Walleye Killer Jigs made by Taylor Tackle as well as the models made by Ole Pete. In this scenario a jig head topped with some kind of bait light a worm, leech or minnow and fished very slowly really produces big fish as walleye will be less prone to chasing a fast moving jig. If is crucial that you have a rod with a fast action. The Trophy Walleye scent from Pro-Cure is excellent for applying to jig heads and artificial. A few years back a couple of tournament anglers were struggling to catch walleyes during a tournament and casted and worked a moonshine shiver minnow (a jigging rap style bait) and started popping them back in deep water with suspended Walleye around them. 3. When you can locate fish either suspended or off the bottom, one of the most fun ways to entice a strike is vertical jigging for walleye. If you can find them, but suspect they’re finicky. Both braid and fluoro have a lot less stretch in them than mono. Bottom hopping a jig involves casting the jig out and allowing it to touch the bottom. The video below gives an excellent breakdown on why TJ pays attention to boat control. But the term jigging is so much more than just vertical jigging as this is what most anglers will think off once you mention a jig. How to jig for spring walleye. Jigging is straight up effective, even in deep water you can jig and hook up on walleye. When you are using a soft plastic with a tail and you want to put a long pause into your jigging so that the jig will stay on the bottom for an extended period a stand up jig head for walleye is best A stand up jig head keeps the tail upright(and potentially moving) and also keeps the hook in an ideal orientation so as to maximize the chances of hooking the walleye solidly. Minnows and leeches work great as a bait when bottom hopping. We encourage you to check out more information on our website about fishing techniques. Sep 10, 2018 - Explore Harold's board "Walleye jigs" on Pinterest. You’ll then lift your rod tip to pull the jig off the bottom and then allow the jig to sink again to the bottom. When you locate walleye, one of the absolute best methods to target them is by jigging for them. – Sex without obligation in your city. HOW THE JIGGING RAP WORKS. The first is to lift your rod way to high up to an almost vertical position. Jig your walleye ice fishing rod for 5-10 minutes in each hole until you find fish. Copyright text 2018 by Professional Walleye Trail. Never allow your line to go slack by dropping your rod tip too quickly. Here’s a quick guide to all 3 styles of walleye jigs all anglers should have in their arsenal. (Some people fish without the minnows but I think they help) Put the stinger on the jig (in the spring the walleye hit short) your catch rate will go way up. Local knowledge trumps all so if you are fishing a new water try to ask around and see where they are likely to be holding depending on the time of year and where about they are in their spawning season. Remember lift, drop then pause on the bottom for a second. | Powered by Shopify, © 2020 ADX When jigging walleye, one of the biggest factors for putting more fish in the boat can be simple - control your boat! ​Arguably one of the most popular techniques jigging for walleye is also one of the most versatile. Professional Walleye Trail is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.​. ​Of course when winter comes and the ice has formed a safe enough thickness ice fishing with a jig really comes into it's own. Snap jigging has become popular in the last several years especially on Green Bay. The solution to both of these issues is to use a shorter snappier lift of only one or two feet. Looking to learn how to setup and troll walleye? Jig fishing for walleye can be done in many different ways. We’re your online resource for all things fishing, delivering videos, articles, social media content, all designed to get people excited to get out and go fishing! ​When bottom hopping there are usually two mistakes that are commonly made. When fish move to shallower sections, jigging can be a good way to quietly pick apart the water. Locate the fish and their depth and then lower your jig down to them. Once on the bottom use a short sharp lift of the rod tip and then allow the jig to hit bottom. That’s why I’ve thrown together a quick tutorial on when, where, and how you should use the rap for success. To jig you will need jig heads. Basically, you’ll throw your jig head (with a minnow body, curly tail or even live minnow) and allow it to sink to the bottom. Well, this was all that our list of how to jig for walleye contained for you. The best walleye lures for trolling will be crankbaits, spinners, small flatfish lures and Rapala's. This is Dale Gilbert. – Sex without obligation, https://t.me/Dating_Flirting – Sex without obligation in your city, https://t.me/DatingFlirting A high quality reel should be seen as an investment and if looked after will last many years of service, rods on the other hand can and do break more easily. Monofilament is not a good choice as it has a certain amount of in built stretch to it. Plus, it is suitable for a variety of retrieval styles. ​A size 2500 spinning reel for walleye is just right to balance out the rod above. Our guides recommend 1/8 oz. Trolling a spoon for walleye is pretty simple, let out your line behind the boat at the correct speed and then cover water where walleye are known to hold in. Stick to the bottom of the lake or river at first because this is where walleye spend most of their time. Subscribe to Piscifun - https://bit.ly/2OYW6pq2. The process and the necessary materials, especially dressing a jig would depend upon the water conditions like cold or warm and the sustaining mood of the fish. When jigging for walleye, search for rocky or sandy bottoms or along the weedline when fishing on shore. The action is much slower than bottom bouncing which is described below. It wasn’t long ago that the only walleye jig on the market was a round ball-head with a light wire hook. Medium action spinning rods from 6 - 7 feet work very well for jigging, especially if they have a fast action and sensitive tip. Early in the year, when walleyes are often shallow, one of the best and most overlooked ways to fish a jig is to cast and crank, either swimming the jig steadily or adding tugs or twitches but keeping it up in the water column. Jigging is most definitely a light line technique and it requires the correct gear to really excel at it. These are Walleye specialized jig heads that have no lead barb on the base of the jig and the hook shank is short with a wide gap. Frequent readers know how much I prefer throwing swimbaits pinned to 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ounce jig heads for walleye, especially when I find the fish frequenting shallow to moderately deep (15- to 25-feet) water. A moderate action rod starts to bend in the middle portion of the rod blank making it less sensitive at the tip. If you are using braid as a main line then use a six foot length of fluoro as your leader, jigging is a light presentation technique and braid is just too visible to run straight to the jig head. However, walleye feed more actively at night in comparison to the day. (Of course the bites you will get will be from bigger fish...) (You also don't want your jig to be too light, or you'll have a hard time keeping it down where it needs to be.) I’ve used many jigs, but my go to jig for walleye, and I’ll swear by it, is The Walleye Assassin Turbo Shad . thread the minnow on thru the mouth and out the back. The majority of the walleyes being caught these days is jig fishing with a jig and minnow. Click here. The vertical jig retains a steady contact with the lakebed and has amplified motion, which may be just the attraction that those walleye need. With every fishing technique, there’s details that comes with success. These have a specialized jig head for walleye that don't have a lead barb, and the hook shank is short with a wide gap. © 2020 ADX If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Casting and reeling effectively imitates baitfish, which are the mainstays of the walleyes diet in shallow water. I've found better hook up rates by making short casts to about a yard beyond the edge of the pod and either dragging or bottom hopping the jig back towards the boat and the pod of walleyes if they are holding on or near the bottom. Ice Fishing for Walleye at Night. In the video below TJ Hester goes over the walleye jig rig and discusses jigging in general. | Powered by Shopify. Dragging a jig for walleye involves casting out your jig and allowing it to sink to the bottom. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. It is very good however when walleye are holding just off of the bottom and are not keen to chase a normal walleye lure or fast moving jig. A slow jig movement with erratic and delayed responses can trigger bites. In addition, right before the end of the season Walleye pour into the river in record numbers. Walleye anglers often rely on expensive electric motors with remote steering for this purpose.

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