There isn’t much difference in this and the Evolution Power Tools R185SMS+ miter saw. Also, in a few cases for materials made from aluminum, depending on the size and type of machine. An excellent example, in this case, would be to choose from a cold saw and a band saw. Actually, any set of features touting a design that makes your job easier can always be considered a plus – as long as it delivers. Evolution Power Tools language selection page. Make sure that you are only using trustworthy and credible websites and sources. The 14″ carbide saw-tooth blade cuts through steel…yes, like butter. This is the first of our actual full fledged cold saws. Morse Metal cut saw is specially made for electricians, heating/air conditioning professionals, handymen, and mechanics, to cut all machinable metals in a safely manner. It can blaze through 6mm mild steel with little sparks, no heat and no burrs for an immediately workable finish. Also, before buying either a cold saw or a band saw, a person must test it properly and decide if it is up to the task. Best of all, thanks to a 20-tooth multipurpose blade it comes with, it has to ability to cut through almost any … For our alternative options, or any alternatives for a  cold saw you should always ensure that they make cuts with no heat, burrs or sparks as a start. Cold saws also benefit from vises, and a stable and reliable base. The decision on which device holds the best value is ultimately up to you in the end. The cold saw also keeps the object relatively cool, making it easier for the technician to operate. Advantages and disadvantages: Cold saws and band saws both can offer a vast range of functional advantages. Perfect for the trade and every DIY enthusiast’s home. Because the material is cold it can be handled and worked on immediately. As we just covered, many of these tools were created for diverse needs and diverse users – in that way it is near impossible to accurately rate which tool is “better” given that it is entirely dependent on your needs. It cuts crazy fast and crazy smooth. From the manufacturer. To make this process easier and to have some logic to it, we created criteria from which to judge these tools. Batteries & Chargers 18V Li-ion Batteries 12V Li-ion Batteries Battery Chargers Bench Top Cold Cut Saws Cut Off Saws Demolition Saws Cordless Combo Kits. The orange blade it comes with is multipurpose, so expect it to have some issues with aluminum. 2 Evolution RAGE4 Review. Call 0114 251 1022 for more about Evolution power tools. 10-01-2008, 05:27 AM. Evolution S355CPSL – Heavy Duty 14 Inch Metal Cutting Chop Saw This is a heavy duty chop saw that is an ideal tool for cutting metals. Figuring out the optimum amount of teeth you need for a cut can actually be quite complicated. A cold saw’s ability to displace heat, cut with minimal sparks, and to make more accurate cuts make it ideal for smaller spaces and welding shops that need more accuracy in the finished cut. Evolution power tools specialise in multi-material cutting technology and steel fabricating tools. As long as you ensure you have the right blade for your task, it would be hard to go wrong with this Dewalt. Cold saw blades are also generally much more reusable than a typical band saw blade. Originally posted by ace4059 View Post. Good luck – and remember – build smart, build safe, and build big. Fabricator Kevin Caron gives a tool review to the Evolution Evosaw355 cold cut chop saw!Shop Our US Store Here: Our UK Store Here: that fresh blade feeling. The quality of the cuts you need to make, as well as the quantity,  are both relevant factors. European vises are generally quicker to apply and take off, and provide you with a better overall vision of what you are cutting. • Machine intended use and its long-term service. If you’ve never bought a cold saw before, we hope our reviews have inspired you to ditch abrasive chop saws for good and come over to the cool side. The base of the saw has two very large rubber feet right up front, but unfortunately, that’s where the rubber feet end… The back of the base rests on the steel corners, slightly lower than the front so the base of the saw isn’t actually sitting level! This is our most compact alternative to a cold saw yet. A pull-out collection tray makes it easy to dispose of metal chips.FULL BLADE RANGECut Steel, Stainless Steel, Thin Steel and Aluminium with the optional blades available! When cutting steel, the EVOSAW230 cuts cold, no coolant is required. - YouTube If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for a powerful chop saw then the Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 Multipurpose Saw is the perfect saw for you. We explain our criteria for our rankings later in the article, but for now understand it was mostly based on a cost/effectiveness ratio. It is designed to give a shop many years of service without setting you back too far in the wallet. It is very low mess and relatively burr free. While we are on the topic, we should discuss tooth pitch. depending on the operation. 0. last updated: Jan 31, 2018. Evolution Evosaw355 : Cold Cut Chop Saw tool review! Senior Member. View Profile View Forum Posts Diamond Join Date Jun 2006 Location Near Seattle Posts 4,918 Post Thanks / Like Likes (Given) 3360 Likes (Received) 1391. This really isn’t a big deal when you’re working with small pieces, b… Most of these factors were relatively straightforward, like cutting ability or price, while others were harder to quantify, like the ease of use. Our best-value cold saw pick for your money is the Baileigh CS-315EU. Potential sources can include buying guides for Cold Cut Chop Saw, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews. 15% off your saw blades here: Where to buy UK: to e-mails: explains the advantages of using the Evolution Evosaw355 when cutting your metal and how the cast iron base and TCT Steel blade are a considerably upgrade on his old abrasive chop saw!Subscribe to Kevin's channel here: our website - Submit your Evolution Power Tools review here – Join our communities – Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram – UK - USA - Canada - France - Spain - Portugal - Poland - Romania - Russia - Steel Cutting Chop Saw \u0026 BladeCuts Steel Without Heat, Burrs Or Coolant!4 Times Faster Cutting Than Abrasive SawsINDUSTRIAL QUALITYThe mild steel blade can make 1000 cuts before a replacement blade is required*. If you want to cut more than metal, but still need a chop saw capable to handle heavy-duty applications, the Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 is the best choice for the money. Like the previous two, this one is not for light-duty jobs. Since its flexibility and agility is its strong side, it can also be a drawback some times. I am unhappy that the saw did not hold up to my light use but I hope it was simply a one-time defect 4. Band saw’s performance can vary from time to time. Features that stood out or proved to be pretty helpful in boosting some tools over others. So be you a be a hobbyist, a small-item creator or a full time professional, there should be something here that can accomplish the jobs you are looking to tackle. Evolution at Total Tools. This Dewalt is a solid runner up to the Makita. Of course, this depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Recent increases in technology have made cold saws both cheaper and more widespread. They are cheaper than most other cold saws, and their solid build quality makes them ideally suited for simple cutting jobs to more demanding tasks. Be inspired and share your projects #evolutionpowertools On the other hand, we wanted to cut through some weaker material to see how it would handle that too. Even after the weeding out process was done, we still had to evaluate and then eventually rank the tools that were still left. Selection between a cold saw and a band saw used to be simply based on the difference between their saw blades. Some of these tools have a multitude of features; others just give you fantastic bang for your buck, others are genuine cold saws, while some may only have a few characteristics that make them suitable for a nice metal cutting niche. Post Cancel. On the other hand, a cold saw is much more accurate and clean when making a cut, but has a much smaller tolerance for speed and capacity. This wasn’t the most important feature, as most tools just require time to get accustomed to, but it did factor in for what it’s worth. To help you understand our decision-making process, we have listed our criteria, and a brief explanation of how it was applied to the cold saw category. For example, our number one choice is the Makita LC1230, this is a typical 12” chopping saw, but it also imitates most of the best characteristics of a cold saw and comes in at a fourth of the price of even the cheapest full sized cold saws. The portability is a nice bonus as well. This isn’t a cold saw, but it is the best alternative you will have for the price and size - and is preferable in many ways for light fabricators and home users/hobbyists. Evolution S355 Chop Saw Video Review [COLD CUT STEEL] Once you use the Evolution S355 Chop Saw you’ll never want to go back using a large abrasive blade again. This enables workers to switch different metals back and forth much comfortably than they could have got from a cold saw. When you are cutting through something like a solid piece of metal, coarser material in general, you will want a blade with coarser/larger teeth so that larger segments of the material (chips) can be removed at a time. Very often devices will not be nearly as adequate at this as you would expect, and some devices require quite a bit of work to ensure they are constantly on target. Around 10 pounds with a solid punch and a clean cut - this is a great tool to have around the shop. A precision cold saw can be very expensive some times. This is another excellent alternative to multi-thousand dollar cold saws. Implementation strategy: Picking the proper saws and tools for production is important to create an ideal cutting environment. The target is to determine the perfect saw that can meet the business parameter and all the cutting needs. This will need proper measurement and accurate data for coming to a logical decision. When cutting steel, the material has a workable finish. It is also a major reason why band saw gets the preference from most construction companies, big or small.

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