If you want to make this tea from scratch, you can use chai spices such as black pepper, ground ginger, ground cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom instead of the chai black tea. Milk Oolong - 250g Loose Tea … With plenty of milk teas, refreshing drinks, and delicious bites to choose from, we’ve got everything you need to recharge your day. How you let that oxidation happen, and what you do to the tea while it's happening, are just as important. A passionate brand that sources only the best tea ethically, these guys are really taking tea to the next level! The sparkling pale yellow cup has a silky smooth mouth feel with a round, complex flavor profile. During the baking (final stage of tea processing), tea absorbs very slowly fragrance from fresh Osmanthus blossom and this gives to tea fine floral note. This is the same plant that is also used to make black tea and green tea. Milk oolong Jin Xuan is a wonderful tea drink with a very mild and a delicate milky flavor. During the withering stage of processing, the leaves are exposed to milk steam and are infused and rolled in milky essences. This will have a roasted flavor similar to dark roast coffee. Organic Milk Oolong by Yan Hou Tang Tea Industry. Read more. Milk Oolong - 100g Loose Tea in Retail pack x 6: £40.50. With plenty of milk teas, refreshing drinks, and delicious bites to choose from, we’ve got everything you need to recharge your day. Milk Oolong - Loose Tea Taster Pack: £2.50. We’ve given our Milk Oolong the number 880, a nod to the bygone days of the 1880s when milk was delivered four times a day by horse-drawn carts. While this milk oolong is a scented tea, there is no dairy, soy, gluten used in the scenting. I don’t usually drink oolong as it makes my stomach gassy for some reason. A favorite amongst Tea People, this tea is a great introduction to the world of oolongs. If there is any bitterness present in tea leaves, it will be balanced with milk and a sweetener. 5. Milk Oolong is a green oolong tea flavored with subtle, natural milk flavors to accent the sweet profile. Jasmine oolong milk tea sweetened with a thick simple brown sugar syrup. Iced Oolong Milk Tea with Chia Seed “Boba” June 9, 2017 - delightfullyfull This refreshing iced oolong tea is lightly sweetened, perfectly rounded out with a splash of milk, and given the perfect textural element with chia seeds, reminiscent of bubble tea or boba. Milk Oolong - 100g Loose Tea in Retail pack: £7.50. Our source uses no artificial flavors or chemical scenting to attain the flavor and aroma of this tea. Regardless of the tea you choose, it should be fairly strong. Black tea works best for iced milk tea prepared in this method, but oolong tea would also work well. To make the best oolong milk tea, boiling tea leaves in water may give a better taste than simply brewing them. The tea has a fresh, sweet, creamy flavor and a smooth, full texture. The exquisite flavor is smooth with light, orchid notes. Caffeine: Medium Origin: Taiwan Tasting Notes: Creamy, milky, buttery, deeply-flora A tropical fruit sweetness complements notes of coconut cream and a light floral suggestion. Milk Oolong is a uniquely processed type of Oolong tea that is revered by tea coinsseurs world wide. The flavour of the tea is Oolong (乌龙), which is one my favourite bubble tea flavours. Oolong tea is made from leaves of the same plant that green and black teas come from. The dark brown sugar I used is known as 黑糖 (hei tang) in Chinese – … On the contrary, hot oolong tea is more popular among regular tea enthusiasts than hot green tea. Milk Oolong Tea (Jin Xuan Tea) Milk Oolong tea, another Taiwanese varietal, gets its name from its creamy and sweet taste. I not a huge fan of oolong. Milk oolong is the best! Its unique flavor may be due to the fact that the leaves are grown at slightly lower elevations and harvested in Spring. The aroma and aftertaste are long-lasting, and there is a soothing cool sensation in the throat. Satiate your craving for this traditional Chinese oolong tea anytime, anywhere. Oriarm 100g / 3.53oz Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea Loose Leaf - Alishan Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Green Tea - Great Milky Cream Taste and Aroma - 1st Grade 4.8 out of 5 stars 40 £16.40 £ 16 . [Photograph: Max Falkowitz] But it's not just a matter of timing. This leads to an incredible soft and mellow note, as if you had added milk to the tea. Milk Oolong:Origin: Lishan (Pear Mountain), in Nantou, Taiwan. Just ordered another 200g. Milk Oolong - 125g Loose Tea in a Tin Caddy: £10.40. The difference lies in how long the leaves ferment. Happy Wednesday! Milk oolong has always been one of my favourite teas, ever since I discovered it at Talk of Tea in Brighton, and after coming across Bird & Blend's Coconut Milk Oolong, I have become completely addicted. Our premium grade Milk Oolong tea has been produced using hand-picked organic tea leaves and then hand crafted with the unique ball rolled Oolong tea making process. Bring the 3/4 cup milk to a boil and add the oolong tea. Oolong Milk Chai Iced Tea. Set aside. The best tea is rarely sold in bags, so it's best to look for a loose leaf Oolong, of which there are many varieties. The tea has a fresh, sweet, creamy flavor and a smooth, full texture. Jin Xuan ‘Milk Oolong’ (Nantou County, Taiwan) Style/Shape: semiball-rolled leaf style with attached stem Plucking Style: machine-plucked Cultivar: Jin Xuan Tai Cha #12 Oxidation: 20-30% oxidation Roasting: very light roasting in an electric roaster Appearance: small balls of rolled leaf, tweed-like blend of bright green and olive colored leaf TeaVivre’s Jin Xuan is another type of classic Taiwan oolong, belonging to a category of tea often termed milk oolong for its sweet, creamy taste. 3. It has a sweet and bold grass-like flavor, combined with sweetener and milk. This unique milk oolong tea imparts the alluring fragrance of sweet cream and pineapple. To start out, try the following amount of tea for every 180 mL (6 ounces) water: [2] X Research source Elevation: 1,000m (3,280ft) Process/ Profile: Milk Oolong is a green oolong tea flavored with subtle, natural milk flavors to accent the sweet profile. TeaSwan undeniably has the highest quality tea you can find. Overview Information Oolong tea is a product made from the leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant. Oolong tea leaves partially through their long withering process. Jin Xuan, being a wonderful and tasty tea in itself, had a subtle milky-caramel note in the aroma. But love this milk oolong as there is an added fragrance to the tea that make it smoother to drink....must be the milk. … Not every tea is a suitable partner for milk. From Fujian province, this unique Milk Oolong tea is composed of loosely rolled leaves with a rich buttery fragrance. Meanwhile, mix together the flour, baking soda, salt, and cloves in a medium-sized bowl until well blended. But some oolong teas have a reputation for being the best tasting variety for mixing with milk. Tea drinkers will find that this chai iced tea is easy to brew thanks to a pre-mixed chai tea blend. How is Milk Oolong made. This is because oolong tea has a more solid flavor with fruity, woodsy, and earthy accents, topped with … Lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, then remove from heat and allow to cool for 1 hour. Cultivation: Conventional. Use 2 to 4 tsp (10 to 20 ml) of loose-leaf tea for this method. At the same time, unlike Chinese milk oolongs (Nai Xiang Jin Xuan), which are widely distributed in Europe, Taiwan generally does not use flavorings and a light milk flavor is obtained due to the special technology of fermentation, drying and frying. 1041 Blalock Rd, Houston, TX 77055 (713) 932-6988. This brown sugar jasmine oolong milk tea is simple to make and perfect for milk tea cravings. Caffeine: Low Origin: Guangdong, China Tasting Notes: Dried grapes skins and dried muscat grapes give this tea its unique flavor. Osmanthus Jin Xuan Milk oolong is the combination of Jin Xuan Milk oolong tea with Osmanthus flowers. The warmer temperatures produce a more mellow and buttery taste. And it … A strong and smooth oolong tea balanced perfectly with the fruit flavor of the muscat grapes (traditionally wine grapes). ... Golden Oolong Tea. But this milk oolong doesn’t do that to my stomach. For the boba pearls, they are made with just dark brown sugar, water and tapioca flour (no food colouring!) It is all-natural and organic and he has been the supplier of our Milk Oolong since 2006. The less oxidized your oolong tea is, the more it will taste like green tea. It originates from Taiwan. With its creamy mouthfeel, the Milk Oolong tastes like a rich cup of milk tea all on its own. However, this particular Jin Xuan is special and unique in that its milky aroma and flavor are entirely natural, with no added flavoring like in some other teas. British milk bottles were first produced in 1880, and featured a stylish porcelain stopper – the very same bottles Walter Whittard would have found on his doorstep each morning… Traditional milk oolong tea does not contain milk. It has the beautiful flowery fragrance that is typical of Taiwanese oolong. Oolong Tea . The maharaja chai by Teavana is one of my recommended choices to prepare your milk oolong tea. With the wide spectrum of flavor oolong tea contains, it makes every cup of oolong milk tea very interesting and different! Milk Oolong - 125g Loose Tea in a Tin Caddy x 6: £56.20. I’m bringing you another treat for your midweek pick me up. Add tea leaves in boiling water and simmer or medium-low fire for 10 minutes. If added to oolong tea, you are in for a strange combination and possibly an unpalatable brew. The amount you use depends on personal preference. Health and Wellness Benefits Oolong teas are chock full of ANTIOXIDANTS and essential minerals. Black Oolong: may refer to a dark roasted oolong. The tea is also known as "Milk Oolong" (Nai Xiang) because of its creamy, smooth, and easy taste. Yet another beautiful Oolong tea from Taiwan, Milk Oolong tea … Tastes like strawberries with milk and sugar. If using black tea leaves, place them in a mesh tea ball or clean nylon sock to form a "bag" of sorts. Milk Oolong's history begins in the 1980s on the island of Taiwan, where a very successful selection was made by the name “Jin Xuan” - Fire Flower or Golden Lily. And of course, the more oxidized it is, the more it will have a robust flavor like black tea.

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