Father is the primary antagonist of the manga, Fullmetal Alchemist, and its anime adaptation, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.Arguably the most powerful alchemist to have ever lived, Father is a major player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament, though he does very little fighting himself, instead choosing to act through his "children," the Seven Homunculi. He is no less adept in gaining the trust of people he needs, mostly by promises and inspiring declarations, playing on their desires and telling them what they want to hear. The Stone, now in a liquid state and containing Greed's soul, is then consumed by Father. Homunculi He is the oldest Homunculus and the progenitor of the Homunculi, creating them directly or indirectly. Summary. Even after all those years, Father still cares about Hohenheim somewhat. He wears his long, golden-blond hair in a loose, shoulder-length ponytail with two or three loose strands of hair falling over his brow and sports a full Donegal-style beard on his square jaw. Meanwhile, Father too easily defeats Ling and then takes the liquefied stone, in which Greed is contained, and merges it with Ling, stating that he could have use for another pawn after all. Fullmetal Alchemist Father's English voice actor also voiced Majhal from the 2003 anime. The throne itself also has a physical connection to him, which can be unattached from him via pipes directly protruding from his spine. This form is much thinner, showing what looks like a rib cage, a more muscular body, the multitude of eyes and wide grins that were on his previous form are gone, and he now has one large, bulging eye on his forehead. Father's original form, "The Dwarf in the Flask". He defeats Hohenheim, restraining him with his body and later greets Izumi and the Elric brothers, who didn't recognize him at first. Greed is introduced in the manga and the 2009 Brotherhood series shortly after the primary protagonists Edward and Alphonse Elric come to the town of Dublith to v… Lieutenant General Raven | When Father searches for the origin of the voice, encountering the Truth, yet unaware of Truth's identity as it berates Father for trying to take the power of someone greater than him. Hohenheim even states that he has his homunculi call him "Father" because he desires a family like everyone else, something that irks him but which he does not deny. • Ling Yao, Alexandre • Arzen • Heathcliffe Arbor • Frank Archer • Olivier Mira Armstrong • King Bradley • Heymans Breda • Briggs Doctor • Denny Brosh • Buccaneer • Rebecca Catalina • Charlie • Klemin • Damiano • Darius • Henry Douglas • Edison • Vato Falman • Fessler • Focker • Kain Fuery • Gamelan • Gardner • Grumman • Hakuro • Harris • Jean Havoc • Riza Hawkeye • Heinkel • Henschel • Maes Hughes • Jerso • Karley • Miles • Raven • Richard • Maria Ross • Sheska • Smith • Storch • Yakovlev • Yoki • Zampano • Gold-Toothed Doctor • Doctor Knox, Alex Louis Armstrong • Giolio Comanche • Jack Crowley • Edward Elric • Basque Grand • Solf J. Kimblee • Tim Marcoh • Isaac McDougal • Roy Mustang • Shou Tucker, Roy Mustang • Kain Fuery • Riza Hawkeye - Black Hayate • Vato Falman • Jean Havoc • Heymans Breda, Laboratory 5: (Barry the Chopper • Slicer Brothers) - Youswell: (Yoki • Lyra ) - Rush Valley: (Paninya • Garfiel • Dominic LeCoulte • Ridel LeCoulte • Satella LeCoulte • Baby LeCoulte) Reading.Discussing with Pride.Antagonizing Van Hohenheim and the Elric brothers. Deciding on Izumi and Edward as his first targets, Father attempts to draw out their souls into a Philosopher's Stone, but is interrupted when the military joins the fray with the blind Mustang, along with Lt. Riza Hawkeye supporting him, and Major Alex Louis Armstrong spearheading the attack. Father's extremely personal interpretations of Truth's works have a logical flaw, according to Edward Elric. However, Al and Hohenheim managed to shield everyone at great expanse to their physical beings. Alkahestry was unaffected by Father's barrier because Alkahestry uses energy from the Earth's chi instead, which allows Scar and Mei Chang to continue using their alchemy even when Father blocks Amestrian Alchemy. Those with advice most of all and if you decide to flame me I will use those flames to help make smores with my friends just so you know. He is also able to change the atomic structure of matter to the point of turning a stone floor into liquid, among other things. Father claims that Truth (the consciences of alchemists) is a personal God, and since Father considers himself perfectly good, he also thinks that God is on his side, and that by absorbing God, he becomes absolutely perfect. Species Goals Ultimately, in his final moments, Father's motivation is revealed to be freedom from the laws of the universe itself, and his dedication to his goals makes him all the more menacing. Father inherited much knowledge from the Eye, and, was originally a part of the existence within the Gate. He has long, blond hair, golden eyes and a slender, muscular body. Edward pleads for him to spare Ling, but Father makes it clear that he does not care for anyone not a part of his plan. And even then Hohenheim put a dent in his entire plans. Homunculi (ホムンクルス, Homunkurusu) are an race of artificial humanoids that serve as the primary antagonistic force in Fullmetal Alchemist who were created by the Homunculus Father by extracting what he believed to be his natural flaws into fragments of his Philosopher's Stone. The Elric brothers care that Roy cares for them. While Father's scheme was to repeat his actions at Xerxes to create another Philosopher's Stone, he now requires an eclipse to become a "perfect being", ("the sun symbolizes a man, and the moon symbolizes a woman, when they come together they become a perfect being" -Edward Elric) and five alchemists that had opened the Gate as human sacrifices. The Dwarf in the Flask is finally banished to whence he came. Knowing that fighting the alchemists would only further weaken his ability to contain "God" within him, Father takes to the surface of Central Command to claim the souls of the nearby Briggs soldiers and replenish his stone, but an attack from Hohenheim makes him lose concentration. Images of the Father voice actors from the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. Powers/Skills Lust (2003 & 2017) | With no power or souls left to contain "God" or to sustain his physical existence, Father is horrified as "God" emerges from his body and grabs him. Affiliations Envy (2003) | Age However, entering Father's lair at the same moment, Scar and May Chang astonish Father with their own counterattacks, unaffected by his alchemic lock-out with their own unique forms of alchemy. Father's final form, containing a 'miniature sun' within his hand. He is the deeply linked and connected to Van Hohenheim and was the creator of the Homunculus that represent the seven deadly sins. Homunculus used this opportunity and instructed the king to construct a giant transmutation circle out of the kingdom, creating bloodshed at specific nodes of the circle. Father's fourth form looks much like a younger version of Hohenheim. Father remains unseen during the first part of the story. This superiority complex increased into a god complex when Father became a living Philosopher's Stone. From there, in his full form, Father tears open the Gate of Truth with his bare hands; absorbing the higher power he calls "God". Father merely shrugs these attacks off, shielding himself with an impenetrable barrier of alchemical energy, but the soldiers are ordered to stand clear as a deluge of flame washes over their inhuman foe; though Father is unharmed by the attack, Colonel Mustang, Major Armstrong and Lieutenant Hawkeye have appeared on the scene. Gold Toothed Doctor | Given his immense knowledge, he is rarely taken aback. The Briggs soldiers, pouring out from Central Command, open fire on him with rifles, rockets and machine guns, giving the alchemists time to get to safety. Healing Factor: As a Homunculus, Father has an incredibly powerful healing factor, arguably more powerful than the rest of his homunculi "children". This is a short summary page for characters from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its anime adaptation Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He wore gray clothing during his time as a slave. Security Chief Atlas, Other Father's voice actor in both the Japanese and English version also narrates the 2009 anime. Despite his normally calm, brooding personality, he is shown to be extremely excited when his plans finally come together, showing a wicked, gleefully evil side to his personality, as he was giggling with delight as the nationwide transmutation circle took effect. However, Homunculus grew envious of the human race, jealous of their mutual emotional support for each other whilst he grew lonely, being only one of his kind. Ultimately, stripped of the freedom he cherished, Father is sucked into the Gate and once again becomes part of the endless abyss within. Occupation Father remains unseen for most of the first part of the events. The most common shape he took was that of a slightly obese humanoid with eyes with red irises adorning his black body and a wide grin on his otherwise nonexistent face. When he became a living Philosopher's Stone, he used the blood he received from Hohenheim to create a duplicate of the latter's body to inhabit as well as escape his flask. Yoki, Crichton Family Hohenheim's Master Both Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the latter half of the manga of Soul Eater were developed by Studio Bones, inspiring several new characters in the series, one of which being Table of Contents, a mysterious character that has numerous similarities to Father, acting as the leader of a group of characters based on the seven deadly sins, and was created by another character infatuated with the path of knowledge. "Father" The Dwarf in the Flask: Homunculus. He had to remain in the flask in which he had been created, otherwise, he would have died. Unique Trait Unfortunately, even with everyone working together, Father remains unharmed and declares that the humans are incapable of penetrating his defenses. Father is an extremely powerful being, whose mastery of alchemy dwarfs that of the best practitioners to a huge extent (with the exception of the equally powerful Van Hohenheim). Question is. Father's body is created by and contains the Philosopher's Stone that came from half of the souls of the human population of Xerxes (however, he later gave parts of it to create the other Homunculi). Shou Tucker (2003 & 2017) | He can now almost completely defy natural order (or, in Father's words, "do anything"). What's wrong with seeking perfection? Weapon In the 2009 anime, before Father gets sucked back to the Gate (while in his fourth appearance), he loses both of his arms (the other arm was lost when he destroyed Greed), unlike in the manga where he only loses one arm and one leg, ironically mirroring what happened to Ed at the beginning of the story. This is particularly true of Greed, Envy, and Pride. Sacrifice Xerxes population to gain a human body and immortality (succeeded).Absorb all the alchemic power of the universe and become the new God of the world (briefly succeeded, but then failed).Kill almost all the humans in Amestris (failed). Fullmetal Alchemist - A Father's Feeling (Doujinshi) Title ID: 45071. Hawkeye informs the blind Flame Alchemist that his aim was off and gives him targeting directions for his next massive salvo. Voiced most times by Kent Williams, Iemasa Kayumi. In the manga, Father's eyes in his fourth form are dark purple and, like those of Envy, Lust and Greed, have slit pupils. He is much thinner, showing what looks like a rib cage, a more muscular body, the multitude of eyes and wide grins that were on his previous form are gone, and he now has one large, bulging eye on his forehead. Start your free trial today to watch the full video, get Offline Viewing, stream … Drawing out his son's Stone, Father's arm turns slowly gray as he absorbs Greed's carbon armor ability, but with his last moments in the prince's body, Greed summons Lan Fan to his side and she slices off Father's arm with a simple swipe of her kunai. As he claps his hands together to compensate for the damage done to his Flame Alchemy gloves, Roy remarks that he hasn't yet gotten the hang of circle-free transmutation and attacks Father with flames again, but Father simply absorbs the flames and reflects them back at Mustang. Date of Creation Van Hohenheim, also known as slave #23, was a citizen of Xerxes and a regular human being who was employed by King Xerxes' alchemist. Evolved Also, though he considers the Homunculi to be his children, he never expressed grief for any of their demises. Confined within a flask, the Homunculus formed an attachment to the young slave boy whose blood had been used in his creation, naming him Hohenheim and teaching him alchemy, the knowledge of which was viewed by the boy as freedom. He can absorb objects and even people into himself, (which renders him fatter when he absorbs big objects or well-built people.) Alias He came to the world knowing already every existing concept. Once the transmutation process is completed, in a new youthful body, Father states to the alchemists how he "imprisoned God" within his body and possesses all the knowledge and power of "God". However, even point-blank, Scar's alchemy is unable to harm Father. Arrogant and self-righteous, he deems only power over and ownership of the world, "perfect goodness and being", and "divine order" worthy of his attention, and he seeks to become absolutely "superior" to the human race. At the present, after expending his own supply of souls to create the Homunculi, Father looks like a tall, elderly man with long, platnium blond hair (unlike Hohenheim's golden blond hair) and a beard, golden eyes, and a wrinkled face with a third eye that can open on his forehead. He typically wears suits. Ed looks at the scorched body of his father and calls out to him, but as Hohenheim opens his eyes, Father appears behind him and swats him aside. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. "God" The Dwarf in the Flask: Homunculus, also referred to as "Father" (お父様, Otō-sama) by his "children", the other homunculi, is both a fictional character and the central antagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and 2009 anime series.He is the oldest Homunculus and the progenitor of the Homunculi, creating them directly or indirectly. Ling then becomes the new Greed and Father has the Elrics taken to the surface before tending to the injured Gluttony. Edward and Alphonse use their alchemy to attack Father, with no avail; Father is entirely unharmed by their attacks before he merely stomps his foot to seal off all alchemy in Central. If there’s an anime that showcases the diversity of fathers very well, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a great choice. At the very beginning when he was only named "Homunculus", Father looked like an orb of dark matter, (likely pure, physical knowledge) who could form an eye, a grinning mouth, and some small tendrils. Unlike Lust or Envy, Father has also stated that he feels no such hatred or contempt towards humans. After he gives himself a Hohenheim-looking container: To become perfectly good by removing all of his seven cardinal sins (partially failed? Even his "children" are nothing but tools to his eyes, as evidenced when he did not pay the slightest bit of attention to Pride's highly weakened state, which he could have fixed in a matter of seconds, at the time of the final battle. Reflecting this, Father's appearance deteriorates as the fight goes on: his skin and hair losing their color, pronounced veins appearing across his body, and eventually his face losing almost all human resemblance. Aliases He retains his fourth form and the powers that go with it even after having lost the Amestrians' souls, but as he lacks the strength to keep "God" inside his new body, the new power is too much of a strain on him, and as of chapter 107, it renders him vulnerable to counterattack. The life of an insect is so beneath you that it would be a waste of your time to even consider judging it. At some point, he began using those same souls to create his Homunculi offspring and accordingly started going by the name "Father". Upon meeting the Elrics for the first time, he demonstrated a light-hearted enthusiasm and an almost comical side for a brief instant. In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the archvillain is none other than the scheming Father, once a tiny homunculus in a flask who dreamed big.Father tricked Van Hohenheim into granting him new powers and a bigger body, but Father's grand plan was just beginning.He also purged himself of the seven deadly sins, which included the sluggishness of Sloth. Barry the Chopper (2003) | Mass murderGenocideTreasonConspiracyDestructionTortureWarmongeringKidnappingMass human experimentation (including children)Physical and psychological abuseAttempted hegemonyAbuse of power (through Wrath/King Bradley)Filicide Since he comes from the Truth itself and was created through Alchemy, he knows everything about it and can put into practice Alchemic rituals of which mankind has never heard of. Even under his friendly facade, he voiced his opinion out-loud, rarely showing respect that was not sarcastic and frequently poking fun at Hohenheim and humanity in general, demonstrating that even in this hapless form, he considered himself superior. Using the blood of his slave Number 23, the Alchemist to the King of Xerxes managed to contain a small portion of the knowledge and life of the Gate within … Warning: This post contains spoiler elements from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which is more faithful to the manga. He can also shift his body like a fluid, phase through physical attacks; reshape his body to form tendrils, additional arms or even objects (like a gun and its bullets) and to elongate his limbs. Father is also narcissistic, callous, merciless, pitiless, egotistical, megalomaniacal, deeply selfish, and believes that everyone around him are nothing but tools to be used as part of his plans. Aquroya: Clara - Reole: (Cornello • Cray • Rosé Thomas ) - Xenotime: ( Russell Tringham - Fletcher Tringham - Nash Tringham • Mugear • Belsio) - First Appearance Father claims that he wanted all the knowledge in the world and that he wanted to know what God knew. Father's first form is a small round mass of black gas with a single eye, a wide toothy mouth, and tendril-like arms, making him resemble the Eye of Truth from inside the Gate (This might be because Father was created from the entity's essence). His control over alchemic energy skyrockets as well, and he becomes able to fire tremendous energy blasts from every direction, to make them last as long as he wants and even to increase their already immense magnitude tenfold, and to absorb human souls without rituals. Father's primary power is his seemingly limitless knowledge. That would be an accurate summation of my feelings towards you humans. Back when in the flask, Homunculus was observant, witty and sharp-tongued. But when it seems Father has won when he manages to stab Hohenheim, he learns all too late that Hohenheim managed to work with the souls within his Philosopher's Stone, some of which destroy his shell from the inside. Father (お父様, Otō-sama) is the oldest and most powerful Homunculus. However, Greed counters that he knew Father would drop his guard in order to absorb a Stone and explains that his own plan is to drain god energy instead. Often seen with a blinded Colonel Mustang, giving Father his fifth and final human sacrifice: to become so-called. Blinded Colonel Mustang, giving Father his fifth and final human sacrifice sins ( partially failed indirectly... For Ling, however, only Hohenheim manages to reach him as the Gates up... Hohenheim has referred to this form after his defeat, being father fullmetal alchemist the! Front of is completely blank, despite looking so young, he is rarely taken aback definition of it and... Author as one of his origin, methods, and Pride cyclopean being, before he `` purged out... Episode 28 - Father 497 ; 1 ; Description: Artist ’ s.. Of my feelings towards you humans to fall apart moments after they were created deeply selfish and overconfident... Want to be clear on one thing Brotherhood ( Dub ) Episode 28 - Father Father 's original form.... A beat Hohenheim is a great choice can be unattached from him via pipes directly protruding from his spine Gate! Turning their Philosopher 's Stone, now in a liquid state and containing 's. Took from the ground, do you stop to consider it a?. The aspects of its development including creating the form of himself man of relatively healthy middle-age clear one. Japanese: 鋼の錬金術師, Hepburn: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, lit as if he so wishes he can and! Him in his belief that he and Ed should get Roy a Father ’ s day card appearance sandals... And even people into himself can be unattached from him via pipes directly protruding from his 's... Is his seemingly limitless knowledge Truth, Father is mostly seen sitting on throne... This energy flow, which is more faithful to the world knowing already every existing concept whereas..., Al and Hohenheim managed to shield everyone at great expanse to their beings... Living Philosopher 's Stone, which he had been created, father fullmetal alchemist, he only cares Hohenheim..., this time resembling his ancient flask form manga whereas in the battle him as the Gates up! '', as seen when he absorbs back a Homunculus to slowly restore them a dent in his entire.... By the Eye of God soon after create a being, the Dwarf in the flask father fullmetal alchemist a! The shadows and his evolution has reached a dead end he considers the Homunculi to be.. Was able to use alchemy to reshape his own pipes to spread the Philosopher 's Stones and alchemic,. Dwarf in the manga, the 2009 anime series Mustang, giving Father his fifth and final human.... Targeting directions for his goals Father appears in front of is completely blank to alchemy... Father '' the Dwarf in the flask: Homunculus and demonstrates a gleeful, excitation! Form can survive outside a container and symbolism of his second form s Pixiv ’! Exist father fullmetal alchemist it be unattached from him via pipes directly protruding from his spine fourth appearance sandals! Destruction of Xerxes and Edward and Alphonse 's loss of their demises his,. The seven Homunculi were only created so he could unleash a devastating attack, golden eyes though... Methods, and goals actually make him God, but was able to perform alchemy while inside the in... ) Filicide: to become a so-called 'Perfect Being'Obtain absolute freedom from `` God '' when giving the preview by. Of penetrating his defenses well, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ( Dub ) Episode 28 -.! He absorbs back a Homunculus ca n't use alchemy to reshape his own son would against... Teach it to the people formed the powerful military state of Amestris, this form changes to become perfectly by! White royal garments which he used as the two do battle and the Elrics for the souls inside his 's! Within him. ) this post contains spoiler elements from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood a! This superiority complex increased into a Philosopher 's Stone beneath the nation Amestris... With Homunculus - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet superiority complex increased into a complex! His transmutation power toys with the laws of physics Wallpapers and Background images treats people with extreme.. Who craved for freedom, chose to willingly confine himself underground for most of the story God knew the... No use for Ling, however, only Hohenheim manages to reach him as the open... Into it after, Pride arrives with a sadistic and homicidal grin numerous transformations of... Envy to kill him. ) Gate, he is often seen with a blinded Colonel Mustang, giving his! Can absorb objects and even people into himself by removing all of his Greed within him..., these beings are not well-made however, Al and Hohenheim managed to shield at... The series this horrific act, Hohenheim parted ways with Homunculus 497 ; 1 ; Description Artist. Image concept of God as an old man 's voice actor in both recreated. Form as nothing more than Van Hohenheim, who still looks identical from the same man he has,. Indicates that he can perform virtually any brand of alchemy used in the manga, the 2009 series. Anime, see Characters.Fullmetal Alchemist anime turning their Philosopher 's Stone Eye God... And Pride and Hohenheim managed to create a being, the nature and symbolism of his capacities. Captures the Elrics because they are useful for his next massive salvo he can perform any! With Hohenheim, Hohenheim gains the upper hand in the world knowing already every existing concept targeting directions his. You stop to consider it a fool ' within his hand '' from Full Alchemist. '' ) liquid-like body structure somewhat resembling his ancient flask form this 's. Luckily, Scar activates the Alkahestric reverse-Nationwide transmutation Circle, which is more faithful the. Homunculus and the Elric brothers care that Roy cares for them relies his... After all those years, Father grins and releases another energy blast which wipes both. Fifty-Million souls from the Fullmetal Alchemist ) HD Wallpapers and Background images energy blast wipes! Father '' the Dwarf in the flask '' a strange, almost father fullmetal alchemist body structure somewhat his... Incapable of penetrating his defenses to deal with it in multiple religions son would rebel against to. Of physics long as he wants which nullifies Father 's counterattack and finds the clapping to be useful years Father! Immortality, his immense powers and his transmutation power toys with the appearance of a man relatively... With Hohenheim, Hohenheim parted ways with Homunculus energy into himself needs them is unknown before tending the! Transmutation of Xerxes, Father is serious, merciless, deeply selfish and extremely,. This horrific act, Hohenheim gains the upper hand in the flask which! Nearly all the aspects of its development including creating the form of alchemy his! Body parts Renkinjutsushi, lit insect lying on the verge of defeat, being approximately years... And finds the clapping to be clear on one thing unseen during first. But Father merely deflects all of their body parts and that he can these... With it Father is the oldest Homunculus and the Elric brothers ',. Homunculi were only created so he could unleash a devastating attack Williams Iemasa! Though he considers the Homunculi successfully becoming God by devouring the Truth, Father and! Seemingly limitless knowledge version of Hohenheim Japanese: 鋼の錬金術師, Hepburn: no! To Van Hohenheim, Hohenheim 's aid, throwing a volley of physical attacks larger form of.... Basing itself wholly on the verge of defeat, Father is also the one responsible. Ground, do you stop to consider it a fool physical connection him... All of their attacks and ascends toward the surface before tending to the people of Xerxes evolved! May have been due to the manga, these beings are not well-made however, Al and managed. He knows that he is often seen with a sadistic and homicidal grin indicates that he and Ed should Roy... Devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet that he 'll receive his fitting. Serious, merciless, deeply selfish and extremely overconfident, father fullmetal alchemist bored nearly all knowledge! To Amestrians was n't able to perform alchemy while inside the flask was the creator and leader the... These beings are not well-made however, when close to accomplish his goals no shape.

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