Pharmacological actions and medicinal uses. African star apple, botanical name Chrysophyllum albidun G. Don is an exotic and seasonal fruit found in Africa especially West Africa.C. Studies have shown that a serving of agbalumo contains just 67 calories; thus making it a good option for snacking between meals for people who want to lose weight as they get fewer calories on consuming it. Just like the health benefits of star apple, white star apple also has some amazing benefits for human health. The African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) is a kind of fruit that is grown in Ghana. Also known as Agbalumo in Yoruba, Udara in Igbo, and Otien in Edo, the African star apple farming is lucrative. African star apple farming in Nigeria is yet to enjoy the attention that has been showered on other fruits. Susceptible microorganisms include Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi and Shigella spp. Botanically called Chrysophyllum albidum (Fam. The African star apple is commonly known as agbalumo in Yoruba and Udara in Igbo. The seeds may be used for local games. Chrysophyllum albidum is a forest fruit tree described by the Scottish botanist George Don. Loose stools and diarrhea may occur due to eating too many cherries. AFRICAN STAR APPLE Chrysophyllum albidum. The seed of African star apple is highly recalcitrant (a recalcitrant seed is one that dies once it dries). Wikipedia. The locals have been using white … [1], Amongst the Yoruba of Nigeria, it is called Agbalumo while it is called Udara in the eastern and southern parts of Nigeria, and in the northern (Hausa-Fulani) Part of Nigeria popularly known as Agwaluma . Observation: African star apple (James Edeani Dec 7, 2020) Tropical Africa (Plants of tropical Africa) Dec 7, 2020 Researchers suggest that the African star apple fruit also known locally as ‘Alasa’ is an edible fruit of uncommon nutritional value. Many consume it as just a fruit, without knowing the nutritional benefits. Nutritional Analysis As conducted in the Food Science and Technology Laboratory, Rivers State University of Science and Technology for nutrient content. Pregnant women crave for agbalumo because it has sour taste that holds the mouth, hits the palate and stops one from throwing up or spitting. The African star apple (or white star apple; botanical name chrysophyllum albidum), locally known as agbalumo, udara, is a West African origin exotic fruit with a tough leather-like, green to dark orange skin depending on the stage of ripeness. If eaten in excess by a pregnant woman, agbalumo increases acidity, causing nausea and vomiting. African Star Apples are a type of fruit that grow in the Pride Lands. [2],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 22:49. If you have been familiar with star apple and white star apple is one of the closest variety but with white flesh inside instead of purple. The team typically replies in a few minutes. All rights reserved. Also in the family is the purple star apple (Chrysophyllum cainito). 1. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The fruit is often found in markets or displayed on trays by vendors on roadsides in Southern Ghana between October to January when they are in season. Listen to music by Rising African Stars on Apple Music. The seeds are used to treat vaginal and skin infections in some parts of the country. Udara (African Star Apple) fruit is a popular fruit in Africa, West Africa mainly. 124 likes. The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper brings you the latest headlines, opinions, political news, business reports and international news. African star apple translation in English-French dictionary. Among the Yoruba of Nigeria, it is called Agbalumo . African star apple (Chrysophyllum albidum), is known to be a tropical evergreen tree locally referred to in South Western Nigeria as “agbalumo” is however an underutilized tree crop. Anthraquinone and cardiac glycosides are also present in the leaves. Video & audio calls not allowed, Hi! Economic Studies on the production of fruit juice from a locally sourced fruit African star apple revealed that production cost/500ml Tetra Pak of Agbalumo juice stood at ₦37.48. Sapotaceae ), African star apple is a popular tropical fruit tree that is widely distributed throughout the southern part of Nigeria. Some schools of thought feel that they may just be a variety of the same species. ATTENTION USA BIDDERS!Shipping We ship on Tuesdays. Although the cherry farming business is not popular in Nigeria, the profitability of the business is without a doubt. Africa Star apple (ASA) remains under-utilized. The fruit also provides calories which makes the fruit a good snack. Sweet cherries can elevate blood sugar levels more than sour cherries. The African Star Apple tree and fruit secretes a whitish sap which gives the flesh of the fruit a chewing gum-like … The African Star Apple is a fruit native to West Africa and is particularly prolific in Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Togo and Ghana. Chrysophyllum albidum (commonly known as white star apple ) is a forest fruit tree commonly found throughout tropical Africa. It is commonly found throughout tropical Africa. Find top songs and albums by Rising African Stars including Ngeke Ngivume, Naka Joyce and more. J. E. Ehiagbonare, H. I. Onyibe, and E. E. Okoegwale, “Studies on the isolation of normal and abnormal seedlings of Chrysophyllum albidum: a step towards sustainable management of … No part of the content can be copied without due acknowledgement of as the by-line of the story. The fleshy pulp of the fruits is eaten especially as snack. Cherry African Star Apple with botanical name (Chrysophyllum Albidum) is one of the healthiest fruit which so many people are unaware of the vital role it plays in promoting health.Cherry is a member of Sapotaceae which provides calcium in the body. The health benefits of Udara, the African Star Apple, include use as a herbal medicine, pregnancy and more. Agbalumo is a natural remedy for toothache, constipation, sore throat, mouth gum disease and much more. 2. The African Star Apple is highly recommended for pregnant women. Retrouvez les calories, les glucides et toute la composition nutritionnelle du/de la african star-apple ainsi que plus de 2 000 000 autres aliments sur A number of closely related species, also called star apples, are grown in Africa including C. albidum and C. africanum. It has scientific name Chrysophyllum aibidum. The fruits are suitable for the production of fruit jams and jellies. © 2020, Pharmanews Limited. Tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, proteins, carbohydates and resins are the phytochemicals that have been reported in agbalumo. Hypertension: Pharmacists Caution against Excessive Alcohol Consumption, Drug Abuse. All content on this website (including text, graphics and pictures) is the property of Pharmanews Limited and protected by local and international copyright laws. ASA were washed, de-pulped, oven-dried (65 °C, 18 h) and milled (180 mm). In Sierra Leone the fruit is … The Amazing African Star Apple can be used as a natural remedy to treat a sore throat, toothaches and constipation. It is a power-packed favourite. White star apple is tropical fruit, native to Nigeria, Africa. The dark purple fruit is 6-12.5mm thick and have soft white milky sweet pulp. The fruit is a berry having five flattened glossy seeds or lesser in certain instances probably due to abortion The taste of the African Star Apple is quite complex. Purple star apple. Fitness Trends 2021 – What Fitness Will Look Like Post COVID-19 Water and methanolic extracts from the leaves may contain active agent(s). It belongs to the plant family sapotaceace and classified under the genus chrospophyllum. while it is called Udara in the eastern and southern parts of Nigeria. It helps in improving blood flow to the placenta which carries food from the mother to the baby. Agbalumo leaves tend to have toxic effects when eaten in large quantities. In Vietnam, the most famous variety is Lò Rèn milk fruit coming from Vĩnh Kim commune, Châu Thành District, Tiền Giang Province.

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