5. Some types will designate whether it … Why did you create it?” He said that he has been a machinist for many years, and one day was trying to remove sights from his own pistol, and he basically invented it out of necessity. Use a 3/4″ wrench to turn the adjusting bolt counterclockwise, this will move the sight blade/sight. The tool is made from high-grade steel and aluminum, so it will last but is still light enough to be functional. It seems to be right on. It is extremely strong, able to take a lot of pressure; built with precision, the blocks will fit various slides snuggly. You can unscrew the slide Want more of our favorite guns and gear. sight and sight pusher question This is a discussion on sight and sight pusher question within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; ok. If I had not read about this before hand, I would have been extremely frustrated and even questioned if I was doing something wrong – but, I was only finding out first hand what everyone says – XD sights are a major pain to remove! I added a few drops of penetrating oil to assist in breaking the sight free. The Master Sight Pusher is a professional grade tool that makes quick work of changing pistol sights while protecting both gun slides and the sights themselves. I use the B&J Machine P500 sight pusher for all front and rear dovetail sights. This is a very well made tool. I was excited when I figured out their shop was relatively close to where I live – the blogger in me always enjoys meeting and talking to the people doing great things rather than simply reviewing their gear. Make sure you use the proper side of the pusher to remove the sight, one side is beveled and depending on the type of gun sight being removed you might need the straight side vs. the beveled edge. Oh, thank you! You can see the photos below. The “Universal Sight Pusher Tool”, it comes with the blocks you see here, the pusher tool and the correct sized allen wrench for changing blocks. Function: This sight pusher tool can be used to remove or install front or rear sights, and do not need extra block sets to try and grip the slide. I want to swap the front sight on my 365 XL when I pick it up next © 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Fisher Solutions. Learn how your comment data is processed. I love made in the USA. There were several that suggested heat, most people used penetrating oil, and then I noticed that many of the people who were successful decided to freeze their slide for a period (from 30 minutes to overnight.) This pusher is an all-in-one style of sight pusher as it can grip and support all 4 sides of the slide without additional blocks. The model I wanted was the Universal Sight Tool, it comes with three different clamping blocks, allowing you to use one tool on most pistols. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I visited with Danny and the folks at his shop for a while, they were really terrific people, the type of guys it you would like to meet out on the range and spend time talking to! I began reading forums and the experiences other people have had removing XD sights in general. Wrap the slide with chamois cloth (recommended) to protect the slide, or use a material that will not let the slide twist in the tool. Danny went back to the drawing board and cleaned up the design, ending with the professional version he sells today. You can buy his “Made in the USA” tool here: www.sightpusher.com. I heard the Hillwig Tool was a heavy duty tool that worked on everything even a muzzleloader. I have a slab sided L frame. Remove nut off adjusting bolt, unthread pusher from bolt, flip pusher the opposite direction, reinstall with pusher on the right side pushing to the left. In short, it helps you to connect and dismount your sight safely as well. Also reversed block so it was pulling instead of pushing and worked great. Unfortunately I didn’t get a before shot of it, but I think everybody knows what a c-clamp looks like. Freezing it made the most sense to me, since it would cause all the pieces to contract. I went downstairs to find him beginning to make a sight pusher so we could fine tune the sights on my Glock 19. He is a perfect example of what makes our country what it is. The two clamps will hold the slide in place, without gouging or harming your weapon’s finish. I kept it there for about two hours. Some of the ideas were even a little funny, trust me I was ready to invoke some special Voodoo if it would budge these sights! You simply clamp the slide into the tool, lining up the sights and the pusher tip to either adjust, remove, or install. Reversed the puller bolt so the head was opposite the clamp wing nut. Holes on each side of the tool are for viewing alignment. Danny told me to ensure that I turned the bolt using the bolt head, and though this might seem obvious, he said that there are people who do attempt to push the sight by tightening the nut rather than the bolt head. What firearms can you use a sight pusher on? Apparently, some gunsmiths have a hydraulic tool and will pop them off in seconds – charging as much for their time as the cost of this tool. Danny showed me mock-ups he had of an XD slide, and it became clear to me how much time and thought he has put into designing this tool. This year, the folks at Real Avid came out with a sight pusher that re-envisions what a universal sight installer can be. By Lil Chantilly March 17, 2013 Pistol Reviews 11 Comments on I found the Sight Pusher Tool all gun owners can use! Designed to work for most common pistol platforms, the Real Avid Master Sight Pusher was developed to make the job a breeze while incorporating several features that address the hassles we’ve experienced when using universal-style sight pushers. Guest Article: Guns Were a Forbidden Thing. This sight pusher is on my “must have” list if it works on XDm 5.25 FO front sights. Once the slide was secure, I marked the slide with a pencil at center point of the sight as well as either side. And buying a different pusher tool for each of your sights is also not a very economical solution. Tighten the clamp bolt firmly (by hand) to secure the slide then tighten jam nut “on clamping rod” against the frame to increase rigidity. This tool made it fairly easy (I didn’t need to freeze my slide). Place the slide between clamp blocks aligning the sight blade with the sight if needed use washers/shims under the slide to raise it and align the “blade” with the base of the sight. The bottom wheel allows you to adjust between slide heights from the minimal CZ to the rather larger Glock. Add some to the sight and let it sit for a few minutes. gave more working room for wrench. I lined up the portion of the tool that actually connects with the sight and pushes it out. At this point, I was blaming the stubborn XD sights rather than the tool. I had heard all of the horror stories about removing sights from an XD. It makes your job easy as well. Copyright © All rights reserved.BlogBell Pro by Sensational Theme, Desperate times: Marines told to ‘save every round’, New York State gives a $500 reward for turning in illegal gun owners. Straight Sight Pusher A B C 4. Front Sights: To achieve proper clearance for front sights remove the bottom block if needed and follow steps 1 – 4. Into the freezer my slide went! When it comes to installing sights it may take some fitting, read up on fitting sights! DO NOT TURN THE NUT! Its ease of use and excellent functionality make it … Used leather to surround slide, and raise it up as high as possible to put pressure as low as possible in the dovetail. Thank goodness – the sight actually began to move, just a ¼ inch at first, but it moved. I knew they were busy (business is really booming for them right now) so I didn’t want to take up too much of their time, but I really enjoyed talking to them! I was really inspired after talking to Danny, he is just a normal guy, could be your next door neighbor, who honed a craft, found a niche in the market, and used his skills to find a superb solution. I used a long handled wrench for leverage and began turning the bolt. He actually showed me his initial prototype. So, I really put some weight into turning the bolt, and again – zero movement. They are good people who love what they are doing, making life better for gun owners everywhere! The cost for each of the tools will easily burn a … Best Universal Sight Pusher in 2020 – Test Result & Reviews Read More » The reason I ask is this, I made mine in a certain way that Thanks for sharing! I gradually pushed harder and harder and I thought it moved a little. Glock Rear Night Sight Installed Conclusion That wasn’t so hard…was it? Danny Fisher, the owner of Fisher Solutions, in San Diego, CA, was gracious and friendly. Most sight pushers will allow you to adjust the sights on a wide variety of firearms. First, I made a small mark on the slide so I would be able to tell if the sight actually moved and by how much. He showed me around his shop, it is an efficient space that they are on the edge of out-growing – luckily, they have plans to expand! This sight pusher tool is perfect for people who do not want to spend large sums of money on adjusting the rear sights. No sight is too tough for it to remove, install or adjust. Additionally, a mobile jaw can be customized for the preferred height of the slide and is accessible from either side. As I read about removing XD sights, I could not believe all the “tricks” people have used to loosen them. If you already have his sight pusher tool, you are going to want to check back with Danny and Fisher Solutions, for future products! Used on XD-M 3.8. Note: An average business card is.009″ thick. 3. 2. The sight pusher will work with any slide and using the kit is very easy. How to use the Vism VTUPRS Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool. The pusher blade will move the sights.078″ per revolution (full bolt head rotation). I've used After he figured out that it really worked, he was talking about it on Calguns.net, a popular pro gun forum, and several people started asking if they could buy one. All I can say is WOW. I was not sure how hard to push down on the wrench, because I didn’t want to damage my tool and especially not my slide! They were very tight, scary tight, but worked well. It makes moving the sight much easier. This is a small business you can feel great satisfaction in supporting. Any chance you’ll be reviewing this pusher for front sight applications? This way you can get it to the perfect height for use with any gun. I used my calipers and discovered that the sight had not moved AT ALL! Thanks, I’ve been looking for one… I’m TIRED of paying for smithing every time I want to change something! This means you need it to install and mount the sight on to your gun. I’d suggest he use fine course thread to get a more “micro” adjustment. While visiting with Danny, I asked him, “What gave you the idea for this tool? I figure I'll just have my sights changed for me. Place the slide between clamp blocks aligning the sight blade with the sight if needed use washers/shims under the slide to raise it and align the “blade” with the base of the sight. Ease of Use: A sight pusher mostly designs to make adjustments more comfortable. Pushed the sight off without issue. I placed the XD blocks in the tool, and checked the to make sure they would work with my XD slide – they fit like a glove. WELCOME TO USA ONLINE SHOPPING CENTER. If you are comfortable with doing this type of work yourself, and have several guns, there is no doubt this is the tool for you – it will save you money in the long run! When looking at the rear of the slide, my XD45 factory can only be removed by pushing it from right to left (when looking at the rear of the slide). 4. Holes on each side of the tool are for viewing alignment. The other recommendation is to use Kroil oil. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. (Heheh!). If you have a lot of different guns and gun sights in your arsenal, using a sight pusher for a specific model is not really practical. It bugs me, as the front sight dovetail sticks out to the right. I’m ready to work on a couple of my other guns now with confidence. Maybe if you only had one gun and you were only ever going to change the sights one time, then the gunsmith might be a feasible plan. So I kept the pressure on until it was almost all the way off. They even showed me something new they are working on, but swore me to secrecy because they didn’t have a patent yet. But previous owner adjusted both from and rear all the way to the right. 1. This is a great sight pusher, extremely well made. I cant seem to locate any on the web either. Tip: You can also put the slide into the tool and then put the tool in a vise resting the slide on the vise instead of shimming. You need a sight pusher to set your sight into your gun. I have an XD45 and when I wanted to put a Leupold Delta Point on my pistol, I began researching Sight Tools – Danny’s Sight Pusher was the only XD pusher I found in a price point that was reasonable for the average person. Next go around, I'll probably go ahead and just get a sight pusher. Thought I would share my personal method of removing and installing fixed sights on guns without buying a dedicated "Sight Pusher". It is simply a rugged, professional, essential piece of gear for changing out sights. I have a Springfield XDs that may need sights adjusted. 2. After using his sight pusher, I can tell you that I understand why his business is going so well. Apr 2, 2013 #10 Younggun Ginger Avenger TGT Supporter Admin Jul 31, 2011 50,917 113 hill co. Then, using cleaning pads around the slide to prevent scratches, I put the tool in the vice on my workbench and clamped the XD fitted blocks around my slide, with the rear of the slide toward me and the front of the slide facing away from me. There are other sight pushers out there, but for the price, VTUFNR can't be beat. Turning the bolt in small increments is not difficult when using a 3/4″ wrench. I got the sight pusher and it has no instructions. Place the slide into the bottom assembly and push it all the way to the side wall in the direction you plan on pushing the sight. I decided it was worth a try! The most immediately important were the XD blocks. When I pulled it out of the freezer, I quickly placed it in the tool on the vice, lined up the pusher and put serious weight onto the wrench. I will see after I get it on a rest. The screw from the bottom block is used to secure the small shim under the clamping block. (Which means, if you need to take another gun, it would cost that amount again, and again.) If after learning how to do it without a tool…you still want to use one…take a look at the Universal Sight Pusher. Reversed the pusher, hand started the new sight and pushed it on without issue. So turning the bolt 1/6 turn (one flat spot on the bolt) will move the sight.013″. I’ve been looking for a sight pusher for years. It looks rough as heck, but I bet it works. The design of the pusher is meant for function and durability. It looks as if you just set the slide in the center and put the sight between the block cut outs. Hence, a sight pusher that is well-designed to require minimal effort on the user’s behalf tops our list, and it should be a significant consideration This was a really informative post. Williams Gun Sight Front Sight Pusher WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE ! He started with an old aluminum C-clamp. on I found the Sight Pusher Tool all gun owners can use! I went behind the scenes to meet the inventor of a very useful Sight Pusher Tool. Especially the Universal Sight Tool, as it will work on most brands of pistols for just a little more than the tool with only one type of blocks. A piece of chamois between the pusher and sight will prevent sight marring. The question I know everyone is really wondering: Does it work? For those of you wondering what a “sight pusher” is, it is a device that is used to push sights around on a handgun and can be used to install, adjust or remove the sights. Placed the slide in the tool, used cut up credit cards to place between the holding points. Note: A small radiused shim is included to support the clamping block if the bottom block is removed. A piece of chamois between the pusher and sight will prevent sight marring. Even though I own that, I still use a hammer and delrin tipped punch on Glock rear sights. He is a small business owner. Advantage: This universal sight tool grips 4 sides of the slide to stop the slide from moving. Of course, one size does not fit all so you tend to see pushers that are pistol specific, ones that are designed to with modular shoes, and ones that really shouldn’t have been made in the first place. I wanted to know if anyone that has a sight pusher originally designed for the USP series WAS NOT able to use it on any of the other frame styles ie, HK45, P30, VP9 etc. Here is a photo of the set up. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I believe if it can remove an XD Sight, it will be able to remove any sight you have. So, at first I took it easy.

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